Norian Lonark


Welcome to Black Thorne Corporation

Hello and Welcome to Black Corporation. We are a null-sec corp based in syndicate and are involved in most game-play aspects of EVE including industry, PVE and PVP.

Black Thorne is an all encompassing corporation. Our corp atmosphere is very friendly and relaxed, and we impose no stipulations on your playing time whilst being a member. We appreciate that real-life issues may sometimes interfere with your game time!

Our members are encouraged to work together and arrange projects amongst themselves using corp assets and capabilities. We are currently accepting applications from players in ALL time zones.

We welcome new and experienced players (Alpha Pilots included). New players will be given advice and assistance in the game. However we do operate in low security areas which while bringing many benefits does add risks for less experienced players.

Meet The Team

Norian Lonark

Norian Lonark joined BTC in 2008 and is now sat in the CEO chair. As well as being on the board he runs the salvage and mining divisions plus handles the website administration.


Bushwaker heads up the logistics services so you will want to speak with him when moving your stuff around.

Morgus Dei

Morgus is like a living encyclopaedia of all things industry so and will be a good contact if industry is your thing. He is the manager of the science and industry division and also runs the PI material buy back program.


Sanctuarine is our recruitment manager so she is likely one of the first team members you will be in contact with. Any questions about the corp when joining shes the person to speak to.

Masema Dagar

Masema heads up our blueprint and research division while assisting with recruitment. He also is one of our event planners. Masema is experienced and heavily involved in industry, PVE and mining.

Programs and Services

Mineral/ICE Buyback Program

The Ore, Mineral & Ice Program operated by BTC is meant to give members of our alliance an easy and quick way to sell their mined resources.


Full logistics and JF services are provided to our members from Solitude to all the major trade hubs.

Salvage Buyback Program

The salvage purchase program allows for our alliance members to have a safe guaranteed return on their salvage in Solitude.

PI Buyback Program

The PI purchase program allows for our alliance members to have a safe guaranteed return on their planetary interaction products in Solitude.

Fleet Up

BTC uses for our doctrines which all pilots can access to easily see ship fits and tailor skill plans.

Voice Comms

BTC has its own Teamspeak server. Voice communication is encouraged for members, but if you haven't got a mic don't worry.

What You Get When You Join BTC

A Mature Environment

We are a mature group of like minded people and promote a friendly atmosphere to enjoy the game. We expect our members to be respectful to one another and we always understand RL comes first.

Huge Blueprint Library

As a member you can enjoy the benefit of having access to our extensive BP library, which offers researched BPOs for various modules, ships and charges.

Mission Fleets

We encourage our members to fly together and we have adhoc as well as specific nights setup for fleets. Anyone wanting help or advise, or indeed wanting to run fleets will be supported and encouraged.

Mining Fleets

The corp has a mineral buyback program to support our miners so they can sell their minerals without having to transport them. We also offer compression arrays and regular mining nights. Any member wanting to run fleets will be supported and encouraged.

Ship Replacement Program

For organised Militia operations we have an inclusive ship replacement program.

Free Ships

New players will be supported and be given free mining / mission ships to help them progress.

Help With Your Move

You dont have to worry about transporting your stuff when you join. Our logistics pilots will move you for free.

Be Recognised

We want to encourage people working together. Anyone who has any ideas for developing the corp, or wants to set-up a program or initiative will be supported and have the corp resources at their disposal.

Interested In Joining?

If you are interested in joining BTC then please head over to our forums register an account and complete an application form, or if you have any questions join our channel "BTC PUBLIC" in game. We look forward to seeing you.